At Redeemer Community Church, we believe God has unique created us for specific areas of ministry. We want to help people to discover their spiritual gifts and ministry personality, so they can serve.

The first step to serve is to attend Discover Ministry. In this class, we discuss spiritual gifts, personality profiles, and natural abilities. This helps us point you in the right direction to serve on a Serve Team.

Here are a few of our Serve Teams:

First Response Team

The First Response Team is responsible to respond during an emergency during worship gatherings and other activities of the church. This team should consist of individuals who have been trained in basic first aid, CPR, and the use of an AED.

Greeter Team

The Greeter Team is one of the first teams people may experience at Redeemer Community Church. This team is responsible to welcome and provide needed information to guests and regular attenders. This team should consist of smiling, out-going individuals.

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team is responsible for hosting for various events at the church. This team should consist of individuals who have the gift of hospitality and are able to see/meet the needs of others.

Next Steps Team

The Next Steps Team will provide counseling and coaching for individuals who have made a spiritual decision during the worship gatherings. This team should consist of individuals comfortable engaging in spiritual conversations.

Parking Team

The Parking Team will assist with the parking and traffic needs of the church. This includes helping families cross the crosswalk and directing traffic. This team should consist of individuals who can provide a friendly welcome while staying alert to the flow of traffic.

Production Team

The Production Team is responsible for the A/V on Sunday mornings. In addition, this team will produce video announcements for the worship gatherings. This should consist of teachable, tech-savvy individuals.

Redeemer Kids

This team will assist in the ministry of Redeemer Kids. Primarily, individuals on this team will rotate in leading one of the three areas of Redeemer Kids on Sunday mornings: Nursery, Preschool, or Older Kids. In addition, this team will help conduct ministry events for Redeemer Kids. Individuals on this team ought to be caring, thoughtful, and child-friendly. Individuals on this team will be subject to a background check.

Redeemer Students

This team will help with conducting various events for Redeemer Students. In addition, this team will assist with Ignite, the monthly Student Worship event on the second Wednesday of the month. Individuals on this team are subject to a background check.

Security Team

The Security Team is responsible in providing a safe environment at the church building and at the Neely. This team should consist of individuals who are attentive and react calmly in stressful or emergent situations.

Set-Up/Take-Down Team

This team is responsible for the mobile aspect of Redeemer Community Church. This team sets up the Neely for Redeemer Kids, places signage on the road, labels parking spaces, etc. This team needs individuals who can arrive early and stay late on Sundays.

Usher Team

The Usher Team is responsible to help maintain traffic flow within the Worship Center. These individuals need to be personable and friendly. In addition, these individuals need to be able to engage and direct people.

If you are interested in serving on a Serve Team, please click the following link: